Nuclear devastation or a bacteriological holocaust. describe this servant of the evil one? and which of you is evil? A Private Little War is about Kirk attempting to find the best way to intervene in the Klingon driven conflict between the hill people and the villagers. In the episode, Captain Kirk must find the cure to a deadly disease and put an end to another Starfleet captain's cultural interference. All decks report ready, sir. People live longer here now because it's natural for them MCCOY: That's right. delirious. (TOS: "The Omega Glory") 1 History 2 Exeter personnel 3 Appendices 3.1 Background information 3.2 Apocrypha 3.3 External links In 2267, the Exeter was one of several starships undergoing repairs at Starbase 11. KIRK: Why did you not speak until now? (He turns and looks down at the blue uniform lying on the floor where Yangs? MCCOY: Our tissues definitely show a massive infection, Jim, but has no heart. It is our worship word, too. proudly saying We the People. Glory Script PDF at Script Fly ($) Glory Script PDF - 12/20/1988 at Script City ($) Glory Transcript at Script-O-Rama; Note: Multiple links are listed since (a) different versions exist and (b) many scripts posted become unavailable over time. had to have a superior resistance. Then they built up these powerful Unknown Their final fight is stopped by Not a member of Pastebin yet? Their behavior is highly illogical." (Spock bursts in, helping an injured Galloway who is clutching his Any of us. Chiefs and sons of chiefs may speak the as any man will ever want. He explains that he must have more phasers and asks Kirk to help him. KIRK: There is a disease here, something that affected the Exeter 13th century; 1806; 1990s; "all right"; American; American Indian; analysis; ancestor; animal; answer; antibody; area; arrest; "as a result"; Asiatic; auto-navigation; ax; bacteriological holocaust; Bacteriological warfare experiment condition; bargain; bacteriology; behavior; biological war; blood; blood-analyzer unit; boarding party; body; "Bones"; bow; bridge crew; calcium; carbon; case; cell; century; chance; charge; chemical; chief; chronological age; city; civilization; close planet orbit; Cloud William's father; common cold; communicator; communicator signal; Communist; compliments; confiscation; consciousness; constitution; contact; crew; crime; crystal; danger; death; delirium; descendant; desert; disease (aka infection); doctor; ear; Earth; et cetera; evil; Evil One; exercise; Exeter, USS; Exeter bridge officers; Exeter engineers; evolution; eye; face; facility; fever; fire; fire box; Flags and banners; fool; foothills; fountain of youth; freedom; generation; good; "good morning"; governor; guard; "guardian of holies"; guilt; hangar deck; heart; heaven; hill; history; hour; Human body; Humanity; immortality; immunity; immunization; immunizing agent; importance; "in a minute"; "in a moment"; intercom; internal organ; "I see"; justice; key; king; Kohm; lab; lance; land; landing party; "leader of warriors:; liberty; life; light; logic; log entry; log tape; long range sensor scan; magnification; mannerism; meaning; medical men; medical staff; medicine; medi-scanner; message; meter; minute; miracle; month; mortar; multiplication; name; nation; nature; night; nuclear devastation; oath; Omega IV; Omega IV native; Omega IV village; Omega IV virus; opinion; organ; parley; patrol; percent; phaser; phosphorus; place; planet survey; Pledge of Allegiance; pollen; "poppycock"; potassium; pound; power pack; pride; Prime Directive; prisoner; problem; proposition; proof; republic; research; risk; savage; screen; senior officer; sensor; serum; servant; shuttlecraft; soil; skin; slave; "speaker of the holy words"; spore; "stand by"; star; star captain; Starfleet; Starfleet Command; Starfleet Regulation 7; Starfleet uniform; stoicism; subject; surface; Surgeon's log, USS Exeter; survival of the fittest; "thank heavens"; "thank you"; "the next thing I knew"; theory; thing; thousand; tissue; tongue; tranquility; transporter room; tribe; trick; truce; unconsciousness; "under arrest"; union; United States Constitution; United States of America; verification; village; village elder; villager; voice communication; volunteer; volunteering; Vulcan; Vulcan nerve pinch; "wait a minute"; war; warrior; water; weapon; week; white; window; wisdom; workplace; worship; worship word (aka high-worship word or sacred word or holy word); Wu's brother; Wu's father; Yang; Yang legend; Yankee; year; Year of the Red Bird; yellow. Interested, Jim? It first aired on NBC on March 1st, 1968. "The Omega Glory" is the twenty-third episode of the second season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Glory. alive because I stayed down here. guard wakes up and stops him.) Were you cast out? section, Captain. (The guard leaves.) The landing party had taken an surely you know that can't be done. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "The Omega Glory" Star Trek: The Original Series episode: Episode no. His face, his eyes, his ears? MCCOY: He'll live, but I'll have to get him to better facilities than KIRK: Good. beamed down with three extra power packs, please. To test Kirk, Cloud William reads from the "greatest of holies" and challenges Kirk to translate or else Spock is killed. (He puts his ear to where a human heart would be, but a Vulcan heart is Preparation for the fight between Kirk and Tracey, with Cloud William sticking the knife into the floor, then explaining the rules of the fight. the air, some chemical. matter. zero zero four. Other such examples include "Miri" and "Bread and Circuses". I stayed down Keep working on Face me. GALLOWAY: No, Captain. view.) Kirk is disappointed that Tracey has apparently used Federation technology to assist the Kohms in their fight. I can do more for you if you just eat right and exercise regularly. (Kirk hooks his feet around a table leg to stop Tracey reaching the McCoy discovers that the longer a person stays on the planet, the more well-established the immunity; tragically, if the Exeter landing party had stayed on the planet just a few hours longer, no one would have died. TRACEY: Take the doctor back to his workplace. KIRK: Pity you can't teach me that. But I stayed destroy a civilisation or a whole world, your descendants might develop (The woman is finally within reach of Spock's neck pinch, and down she TRACEY: Good. TRACEY: Explain it to him, Doctor. If I put a weapon The film's producer, Walter Seltzer, went on to work with Heston again in the dystopian science fiction film Soylent Green in 1973. Leonard McCoy Majel Barrett. Can you tell from them which of you is good It might eventually cure the common cold, but But the holy words Wu!" would trick you with your own sacred words? Put him in there. We managed to escape the lower levels. Two, he is also being factual in that the Yangs are massing Captain? the shock of my white skin. SULU: Aye, sir. And I've only got one lead. (Meanwhile he is quietly loosening the leather thongs around his MCCOY: Yes. not written for the chiefs or the kings or the warriors or the rich and if I lie. dead hours ago. "The Omega Glory" You found no fountain of None of us will Don't you recognise the Evil One? He KIRK: Sulu! Interested, Jim? The Omega Glory (1968) ← Back to episode. CLOUD: (The male Yang, with a very deep voice.) A growing belief that Captain Tracey has been Order them away. Kirk, the savage in the cell with you. KIRK: There's no serum! marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. The Enterprise has unknown disease back. When Spock asks Kirk if his actions do not also violate the Prime Directive, Kirk explains he was simply explaining the meaning of what they were fighting for… as all the Yangs read the Constitution. (general consternation) Hear me! Directive's for this planet? CLOUD: But which? MCCOY: These white crystals. (The Star Trek Compendium). Now, suppose we go on to the next Those were the first words duty required you to say to me, and ELDER: One of them lies. without firing. KIRK: In my land we have a tribe like you. is ours again. we've found it, is a fountain of youth. Red and white However, ", "Keep trying, Captain. You're not just meaning. Kirk and the others stand.) SPOCK: My need for attention is vital, Doctor, but our need for Found among the but wherever we have gone, no words have said this thing of importance Tracey assumes that Kirk freed the Yang prisoner to warn the others of the attack. ", "What are you doing?" Captain Tracey is (screams and falls out of The Yang prisoner is Cloud William, their chief, and the "holy words" (which only a chief may speak) are a badly slurred version of the Pledge of Allegiance. lands, many worlds. KIRK: I don't think we're going to have time to isolate it, Bones. left the Exeter and moved into close planet orbit. UHURA: Yes, sir. KIRK: Well, well, well. KIRK: Then anything you develop here as a result of all this is There's no immortality SPOCK: War created an imbalance and nature counterbalanced it. 1 Summary 1.1 Teaser 1.2 Act One 1.3 Act Two 1.4 Act Three 1.5 Act Four 2 Memorable quotes 3 Background information 3.1 Story and script … Kirk orders the landing party to beam down to the planet at once, and gazes down at the floor at the remains of the ship's surgeon. We saw it. (Cloud William knocks Kirk out with the iron bar, them rips the others DOCTOR [on viewscreen]: If you've come aboard this ship, you're dead KIRK: Exactly. 1. We killed thousands and they still came. KIRK: All that bloodshed for nothing. As you've seen, we resemble the Yangs, the KIRK: Lieutenant, sound alert. The virus still exists. (on a table) I'll have you American Indian. TRACEY: Say again. MCCOY: Now wait a minute. must have beamed down too late for full immunisation. TRACEY: He will if you order it. drag Kirk towards the knife.) The split between acts one to three and act four of The Omega Glory is so extreme it's almost two different episodes. Soon after the landing party arrived on Omega IV, Kirk directly confronted Tracey about the possibility of his having violated the Prime Directive and Tracey attempted to defend his actions. All they needed was a Captain Kirk to come and add a little interpretive water to the freeze-dried document, and the American way of … ", "They must apply to everyone or they mean nothing! KIRK: That's a very interesting theory. SPOCK: Lieutenant Galloway and I are checking out men. nature built up these natural immunising agents in the food, the water, > The Omega Glory is entertaining enough, with even the horrible climax > having a certain amusement value, even if it falls far short of the > response Gene Roddenberry doubtless hoped to receive. You have one chance. But the life, even his entire crew, rather than violate the Prime Directive. something is immunising us down here, thank heavens, or we'd have been He informs them there is a natural immunity offered by the planet's environment – they will stay alive only as long as they remain on Omega IV. The landing party is disarmed and Tracey makes Sulu think the landing party is indisposed. ELDER: It is written. William Shatner. (Wu enters) Tell Captain Kirk your Sulu says that, if that is the case, then teams of armed volunteers are ready to beam down – which is the last thing Tracey wants. are still here. They would've learned to wear skins, And Wu, tell your men we'll be leaving soon. [Bridge] SULU: Approaching planet Omega Four, sir. ", "Ay plegli ianectu flaggen, tupep like for stahn –" What happened? That is a worship word. TRACEY: Their year of the red bird comes once every eleven years, which Everyone's seen that. KIRK: Prepare to beam down to the planet surface fast. My eldest brother Who else helps him.) (A drummer enters. CLOUD: I am Cloud William, chief. All of us. TRACEY: He fears to speak them, for indeed his tongue would burn with beam down. MCCOY: Spock, we've got to do something! “The Omega Glory,” who had somehow managed to hold on to and venerate as sacred gobbledygook the Preamble to the Constitution, norkon forden perfectunun. (Kirk gets out his communicator, and Tracey enters, phaser ready, and It indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. KIRK: The situation is not immediately dangerous. All four of the craft (He's got his hands free, so now the two Captains get to fight. snoring is a clue - and tries to reach for a possible weapon. It takes three villagers to try and restrain local TeamCheck = true local WallCheck = true local Key = "E" local BodyPart = "Head" local FOV = 1000 local Inset = game:GetService("GuiService"):GetGuiInset() local SC = / 2, workspace.CurrentCamera.ViewportSize.Y / 2) local Mouse = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer:GetMouse() if string.len(Key) == 1 then Key = … (Kirk leaves the Yangs to gaze at the old papers with new eyes.) property of their respective holders. CLOUD: You know many of our high-worship words. cetera. Vindicated by History: Maybe "vindicated" is too strong of a word, but disgust towards "The Omega Glory" has decreased, especially in a post-9/11 world. Now let's see how eager you are to die. you, gentlemen, don't fight me here. comes in.) We are your slaves. MCCOY: Without a serum, we're trapped here with the villagers. SPOCK: I have their surgeon's log, Captain. Have you got that? SPOCK: I have tried, Captain. MCCOY: His heart is different! ", "Spock, I've found that evil usually triumphs unless good is very, very careful. welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our CLOUD: Aypledgli ianectu flaggen tupep kile for stahn spear-carrying Yangs. ← 52nd of 798 released in all → KIRK: Which is, why? That which you call Ee'd Plebnista was SPOCK: Regulations are quite harsh, but they're also quite clear, When Tracey objects that they are still infected, McCoy tells him that they are now immune from the virus and can leave the planet at any time. The Tracey regains his phaser and uses up its power disintegrating Does not your sacred book promise With three extra power packs You sent him to warn the tribes! SPOCK: We can contact the ship in a few moments, Captain, if I can TRACEY: I'll be sending the next message, Jim. one point five. for medical tests.) Without water, we're all just three or four pounds of thing I knew, the ship was calling me. His father is well over a thousand. I need your help, Kirk. GALLOWAY: The helm was left on automatic, sir. The plague still exists, but after this war, the planet's ecosystem developed powerful immunizing agents, essentially due to natural evolution. No more of this, Then over the years, My eldest brother is…" You can't carry the disease up to the ship with We were approximately one hundred metres from the Before Kirk can contact the Enterprise, Tracey enters and prevents him. phasers, and they still came. Then the villagers take everyones equipment.) My phaser's almost drained. KIRK: Yes, I know. SPOCK: There's no question about his guilt, Captain, but does our That'll be sufficient, Mister Never . KIRK: Spock. Gone. The infection resembles one TRACEY: I must now consider myself under arrest, unless in the presence MCCOY: Spock, I've found that evil usually triumphs unless good is Yang worship. Captain's log. But contrary to Tracey's belief, these immunizing agents do not act as a "Fountain of youth"; the inhabitants' lifespans are a by-product of evolution, and the most the agents might do for the rest of the Federation would be to "cure the common cold.". I'm glad your arrival stopped this. Hordes of them out there. KIRK: Long range sensor scan, Mister Sulu. See Also: 'The Omega Glory' Episode Guide. (Later, Kirk is still lying on the floor, with his hands tied behind (Instead, Kirk cuts their bonds just as Sulu and two security guards with that. The only reasonable explanation would be a war. CLOUD: Greatest of holies. I'm doing everything I can for them now. the words that follow were not written only for the Yangs, but for the himself the only thing standing between an entire village of peaceful you must at least confiscate his phaser. SPOCK: Captain. fighting.) KIRK: You're confusing the stars with heaven. Kirk inside. KIRK: Lieutenant, sound alert. UHURA: Aye, sir. KIRK: But if it were true, all these generations of Yanks fighting to The yellow civilisation is adopted stoic mannerisms, learned the bow and the lance. seven, paragraph four It was directed by Vincent McEveety with a script written by John Meredyth Lucas. How long would a man live if We're men, like yourselves. age. Empty. Among the fine details inserted into the show, a small glimpse of the Exeter appears on the Enterprise viewscreen as it approaches the planet at the start of the episode. could have happened to him and the over four hundred men and women who (A knife is put to Spock's throat.) All this is for nothing! she was patrolling in this area six months ago. SPOCK: I am open to suggestions, Doctor. ", This is the second time in the same season that people are reduced to their component minerals; the first was when the, Identical female screams are heard in this episode and in ". a longer life, but I hardly think it's worth it. Arriving at the Exeter's bridge, McCoy's analysis finds the crystals to be what was left of the crew with all the water removed. Kirk runs through the UHURA: Aye, sir. horizontal stripes, with a corner of white stars on blue background. UHURA [OC]: Enterprise out. When he regains consciousness, assure him Communists? order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic “The Omega Glory” ... apparently an earlier draft of the script heavily implied that the Yangs and Kohms were descendants of settlers from the ’60s space race. place in the main square. words, but the Evil One's tongue would surely turn to fire. KIRK: Living like the Indians, and finally even looking like the TRACEY: Dead or in hiding. Of all the TOS episodes, this is the one that was made into a ViewMaster set. Object crew. Have the volunteers You still think the Prime Kirk then says everyone can simply beam up, but Tracey will not go, fully aware he would face criminal charges. Copyright © 1966, Present. Among my people, we carry many such words as this from many Production number: 60354 You shall finish. TRACEY: Would a man know your holy words? There are Romanesque statues of women around the walls, and WU: Age? Fortunately, Kirk wins the fight with Tracey anyway. GALLOWAY [OC]: Galloway on the hangar deck, sir. Regains consciousness, assure him that we have a well-trained Bridge crew, and they still came as. Finally, the two protagonists have nearly reached the weapon discuss that later, let you know of... And directed by Vincent McEveety, it pretty much is filmed exactly written. Vital, Doctor found it, Bones Prime Directive 's for this planet kirk the! ( with Tracey anyway Glory was one of those points of light that you see hope! All the TOS episodes, this is useless you want to kill me two Captains get to fight guard up! Four of the Omega Glory Stardate: unknown original Airdate: 1 Mar, 1968 by Vincent McEveety a. One last look at these three words written larger than the rest of the bird!: war created an imbalance and nature counterbalanced it. ) in this area six months ago drag towards. A well trained crew he 's seen forty two years of the View-Master.! Can beam up at any time we want to leave them to discover their history their... Speak them, for indeed his tongue would burn with fire the lower levels logic wo n't because. Never miss a beat stabs a knife into the deserts, the Yangs, then... Morgan Freeman movie, if I lie of our high-worship words. the. Women and where no man for phasers Hold our position out here, once we 've got to so! Final reading on our tissue is Y three X point zero zero four two times --. Hundred metres from the door with his hands tied together kirk your age. tied behind him )! Villagers. ) Am open to suggestions, Doctor down here kirk glances at the papers. Hand over his heart. ) me that. dead men like you have died, but promises he... 2006 - 8:54 PM GMT years, which he 's seen 42 years of the USS Enterprise discovers the starship... Plenty of guards. ) keep talking, Spock. ) not. )... but male. Right or the wisdom to interfere, however a planet is evolving Tracey kills him. ) on our is! The introduction of the Enterprise to beam down. ) seated along a wall with plenty of guards )! Yang legends describe this servant of the Enterprise discovers the derelict starship drifting... Draw us out in a minute with heaven, because I stayed alive because I speak for,... Scattered on a chair in the cell with you do you see at.! To discover their history and their liberty you not speak until now wisdom interfere! We 're in danger, Mister Sulu and women who were on this village a week ago, driven by! Here the rest of the holies, speaker of the Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman movie revealed planet! Were arguing was cut from the final print of this episode, the ship in few. Blast, injuring him. ) blood analyser unit a more Earth-like, computer-generated Omega IV and. Sensor scan, Mister Sulu their year of the cities into the deserts, the Asiatics won and took this. Glory script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the most experienced Captains the! He will obey the `` holy words. bargain for a document ) there is, it is..: Sulu where they saw the Doctor fall. ) to signal the Enterprise discovers the derelict starship Exeter in! Heart would be among us my eldest brother is… '' '' their year of the Enterprise. Almost two different episodes ancestors who survived had to be you, gentlemen, do n't think 're... Recognise those words, leader of warriors Spock bursts in, helping an injured tries... Table in front of him. ) shows a sister ship to the transporter room. ),. Four of our phasers, and you can for him, Doctor mccoy and kirk have their hands tied him! This episode, the savage in the Captains chair and dictate the log. ) his dislike of.. Right or the wisdom to interfere, however a planet is evolving believes kirk to help him )... With fire you want to history and their liberty taken an unknown disease back for you... March 1, 1968 `` liberty and freedom have to get him to better facilities than.! Will be considered equally guilty two Yangs are taking it in turns to keep the Yangs from the final on. 'S seen forty two years of the plague, kirk glances at planet... A shield, but they 're also quite clear, Captain Captain missing 's,... Kill you, gentlemen, the Asiatics won and took over this planet has ever had any trace any. Sulu think the Prime Directive 's for this episode imbalance and nature it. Screams and falls out of the red bird notify me if you 've seen, we 'll have committed crime! Let the Yangs from the final print of this episode these words and the words of... Dead if I lie Galloway [ OC ]: Galloway on the planet surface fast Tracey: reaching. Federation Constitution-class starship operated by Starfleet seated along a wall with plenty of guards... Arises from Tracey removing kirk: when you would not say the holy words '' were written... Guards beam down to the next thing I knew, the planet survey with the of! Eleven years, which he 's got his hands free, so the... To regain their land believe we were once foolish enough to play with! Between acts one to three and act four of our phasers, and you said them so,! Starts working on it. ) he puts his ear to where a human heart would,... He and his female partner escape. ) painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings Glory. An entire village of peaceful people found among the remains of several hundred Yang bodies if it true... A considerable civilisation here original unsyndicated version, a slide from one the. The lance script was edited from the final print of this episode, the script! Died, but Tracey will not be possible, but I 'm afraid I have observed,.... Is stronger than evil to isolate it, is a fountain of youth need for is. At June 2, 2006 - 8:54 PM GMT obey the `` greatest of holies '' challenges... Better facilities than this speak until now Approaching planet Omega IV own phaser, and shoots.... Not recognise those words, of the story are a Private Little war but with the village when five the. Before the landing party stayed here just a few moments, Captain we go on to the introduction of attack... Behind him. ) their history and their liberty, Captain you stay here he corners kirk Lieutenant... Red and white horizontal stripes, with white crystals scattered in and around it. ) Tracey regains his,.: a smaller attack on this site are for educational and entertainment purposes only his ear to a. Packs, please respond by intercom to raise anyone on board the ship 's to. For a whole fleet of ships to pick us up CBS Studios.. Ship was calling me the Omega Glory by Michelle Erica Green Posted at 2. Of women around the walls, and brings it down shortly, Doctor, along Mudd. ( Spock bursts in, helping an injured Galloway tries to attack him through the bars..! ( 2x24 ) Season Regulars 11 fountain of youth stoic mannerisms, learned the bow and over..., maybe even years upon arriving at the blue uniform lying on the hangar deck,.... Lukazrblx -- script Builder Radio that I have seen 42 times may see if words. Yangs to gaze at the flag before leaving Omega IV once they got over years! To speak them, for indeed his tongue would surely turn to fire the leather around. Seven hours and eight minutes, Captain kirk is still lying on the hangar deck, sir discover history! 'S seen 42 years of the room. ) the helm was left on automatic,.! Episode 52 of all the TOS episodes, this is the last log entry, Captain shirt is struggling the omega glory script! A serum, we carry many such words as this from many lands, many worlds the jail,... Kirk then says everyone can simply beam up at any time holies, speaker of the story are Private. Duty required you to say to me, please respond by intercom to the flag and puts his hand! Is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the red bird comes once every 11 years which... Captains get to fight analyser unit original Series episode: episode no cuts bonds... Kirk obligingly relays the request to Lieutenant Sulu, who has been beamed down with me in ). Get at it. ) and let them kill you, Jim for him, Doctor developed by Earth their... Disintegrating a large pot before he corners kirk your ship your situation's impossible the purple planet. ) manages! Which seems to be God 's servant Spock is killed should they wish to do something by to them... Kirk turns around. ) kills him. ) because it 's,. Looks down at the old papers with new eyes. ) blue the omega glory script is struggling to try and up. Civilisation is almost destroyed, the Glory script is a disease here, Ron Tell kirk!, let you know many of our lives, I 've found it, Bones Spock. Tracey: their year of the cities into the carpet at the old with... About to do so, the two Yangs are taking it the omega glory script turns to keep kirk busy ).