You can also call 15 (ambulance), 17 (police) or 18 (fire department), but calling 112 will ensure that French dispatchers are able to send the appropriate resources in any emergency type. The average time to answer a 112 call is 5 seconds. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. Otherwise, you’ll have to carry the cost of the ambulance transport. Throughout most countries in Europe the emergency number is 112. Below are the emergency telephone numbers that can be reached when the Embassy is closed in case of emergency only (arrest, accident, disappearance, death...) concerning French nationals. You may change your settings at any time. France has an infamously long list of emergency numbers for different services. European general emergency number (40 languages spoken including English) - 112 National centre for emergency calls for deaf and people with hearing problems - 122 Fire brigade - 18 SAMU/ medical urgency - 15 Emergency doctor (SOS Médecins) - 0820.33.24.24 Police or Gendarmerie (automatically redirected to the nearest station) - 17 Here’s a handy reference list of emergency contact numbers in foreign countries. The French fire brigade, les sapeurs pompiers, is also available in cases of medical emergencies, such as traffic and domestic accidents. Too many expatriate families are unprepared in an emergency in their new country. Don’t forget the code to your parking lot or apartment building. France’s sirens are tested nationwide with three consecutive blasts of almost two minutes, separated by five seconds of silence. French emergency numbers and support helplines, carry the cost of the ambulance transport. Otherwise, you can call either the 112, 113, or 118 numbers, or look for an emergency room nearby (pronto soccorso). Click below to consent to the use of this technology on our website – and don’t worry, we respect your privacy. You can call for urgent assistance in the 27 member states of the European Union through the emergency number 112. Get news, views and information from France, Subscribe now to read unlimited articles and exclusive content. Emergency Number. Police (Gendarmes) – 17. This Pan-European emergency number 112 can be called from any … Alternatively, you could request a light medical vehicle (véhicule sanitaire léger or VSL) to get to the hospital. In many countries, dialing … If you need to call for an ambulance or on-site help, you can always use 112, which is the pan-European emergency number. Dial 112 to request emergency assistance during a disaster or complex emergency in France. The national police force in France is divided between the Police Nationale and the Gendarmerie Nationale. See In general, the local municipal police handle general law enforcement, minor traffic offenses, and lost property. Other Important Numbers. The Police Nationale is responsible for urban areas while the gendarmerie covers rural regions. Dutch police. The average time to answer a 112 call is 10 seconds after a compulsory message. What emergency numbers should you call in France? It provides 24*7 emergency responses across the country. In France, it’s often the fire brigade who responds first to road injuries and domestic accidents. The police in the Netherlands fulfils several roles, such as maintaining public order, offering assistance to people under threat and enforcing criminal law. Try our corporate solution for free! However, it is not possible to call the number from a mobile without a SIM card. An emergency phone on the Welsh coast at Trefor featuring 999. You can also see which numbers to call depending on the, Out-of-hours doctors: 116 117 (from 2017), Hepatitis information helpline: 08 00 84 08 00, Maritime emergency (calling from land): 196, Maritime emergency (not in land): VHF Channel 16, Medical advice line (SOS Médecins): 08 20 33 24 24 | SOS Médecins, Victims of violent crime hotline: 08 10 09 86 09, Emergency electrical services: 01 43 35 40 86, SOS Help, an English-language helpline: 01 46 21 46 46 | SOS Help, SOS emergency housing for the homeless: 115 | Samusocial, Public services hotline (toll number): 39 39, Visa: 00 1-880-950-5114 or 08 92 70 57 05, Emergency doctors (SOS Médicins): 01 43 37 77 77, Out-of-hours chemists: 01 48 74 65 18 / 01 45 62 02 41. This statistic shows the number of visits to emergency wards in healthcare institutions in France in 2018, by type of hospital (in thousands). (212) 419-8286 Counselling in France: for a qualified therapist near you or counselling over the telephone; Alcoholics Anonymous: regular meetings are held (some are in English) across the country. The European emergency number 112 is not the only emergency number in … Call 18: this is the general emergency number, like 999 in the UK or 911 in the USA, which will get you connected to the most appropriate service. © English Language Media 2020, All rights reserved. Dial 112 when calling from mobile phones. If you do not speak French, however, it is best to find a French-speaker whom you can trust. France has an infamously long list of emergency numbers for different services. If you have children, cite their ages and how much they weigh if you need to call an anti-poison center or to administer medication. The French government recently launched a smartphone app to alert users about possible security incidents, including natural, technological, and terrorisM risks. SAMU (Ambulance): 15 Police: 17 Fire: 18 General Emergency: 112 (EU-wide emergency number that will contact emergency services in any EU country or language; have this number on hand while traveling around Europe!) Europe – 112. Emergency assistance: weekdays after business hours, weekends and U.S and French holidays. The main emergency number for most European countries is 112. In fact 112 also works in the UK, but most of us just use 999. Our guide to French emergency medical or crime-related numbers and non-medical helplines for lost property and general enquiries will prepare you for the worst should you encounter any pressing emergencies or require any help in France. Were we right? Note down the eight-digit number for your local police or gendarmerie station. Medical (Samu) – 15. Do not be alarmed when you hear a siren every first Wednesday of the month at noon. A handy list of important emergency numbers in France: These are important numbers for the emergency services in France. In the event of an unplanned siren, however, you can find information on France Inter or France Info radion stations. According to the latest E-communications household and telecom single market survey, 39% of French people know they can use 112 everywhere in the EU. NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. The app, SAIP (Système d’alerte et d’information des populations), is available in both English and French and allows users to view alerts for up to eight geographical areas. 112 and 911 are universal emergency numbers. As it’s a Europe-wide number, you can also ask to be connected to an English-speaking operator. Find out more about it here. Callers who don’t speak French would also have no problem communicating their issues due to the assistance of interpreters who speak 40 languages. Emergency phone numbers Emergency Numbers in France. Write down—or save in your cell phone—the number used at your destination. They work from most telephones, mobile phones and cell phones worldwide GSM mobile phones/cell phones are programmed to recognize 112, 911 and 999 and often other emergency numbers including 118, 119, 000, 110, 08 etc. Those who are deaf or hard of hearing could also send text messages to 114. For non-urgent situations, make a note of the direct phone number for your nearest police station (commissariat de police or gendarmerie). ... France 112, 15 112, 18 112, 17. Useful resources: find an emergency number in the UK. For a list of local English-language groups see:, SOS Help: similar to the Samaritans, listeners who are professionally trained; Tel 01 46 21 46 46, (open 3pm-11pm daily);, CANCER SUPPORT FRANCE: for advice and someone to talk to. If you need emergency medical care in France then you do as you might do in any other civilised country; you either get yourself to a hospital or ring an emergency services number. The military gendarmerie carries out criminal investigations as well as security activities involving airports, military locations, coastal areas, and the countryside. An immediate assistance will be provided to the affected. Tel: 05 53 24 92 38. in Accidents and Breakdowns In an emergency, these are the telephone numbers to use in France – be prepared to indicate exactly where you are located, and the circumstances of the incident. This guide to French emergency numbers explains French medical terms, what to do in an emergency in France, as well as what to do in an accident or health emergency in France. CLEISS: Social security advice when moving between countries: 01 45 26 33 41 They work closely with the SAMU and employ professional, health, medical, and volunteer brigades. Emergency number in France; Emergency numbers in France. The French fire brigade, les sapeurs pompiers, also deals with medical emergencies. The SAMU is the coordinated service to call in case of any serious medical emergency. All members of the family should practice how to give clear indications in French of your name, address and telephone number — you may come across an operator who speaks English but there is no guarantee of this. Emergency Numbers Facts & Fiction! English-speaking helpline: 09 74 75 36 46 Calling hours: Mon-Fri: 8h30 - 17h30. She has access to my American cell phone. "Téléphone portable" (mobile or cell phone to you) numbers start with 06 or 07 for newer numbers. A qualified doctor is always available to determine the type of response that best fits your situation, specifically, whether you need an ambulance. They also coordinate with other emergency services where necessary. 55 is the number you should call in the UK if it is too dangerous to make a noise. There is no national number for any of the utility services, which have urgency hotlines according to the region where you live. Apart from the emergency helpline number, there a list of emergency numbers in India that you must be aware of Emergency numbers in France and other helpful numbers, Shakespeare and Company in Paris supported by online sales, Group electricity deals in France are green and thrifty, Click, collect and reuse: French online shopping goes green, Covid ‘three times more deadly’ than flu, finds French study, President Macron continues Covid isolation in Versailles. The European Emergency Assistance Number. About 112. CAF:; CPAM (state healthcare): The France country code is 33, and you omit the initial zero or provider’s number when calling from outside the country. SAMU: 15: Police: 17: Fire Brigade: 18: Poison control center: 01 40 05 48 48: SOS Doctors: 36 24: Medical emergencies in Paris: 01 53 94 94 94: Lost and found: 08 21 00 25 25 - 36 rue des Morillons, 75732 Paris Cedex 15: Lost or … Never hang up until the operator says you can. Note : Most GSM mobile phones have 112, 999 and 911 as pre-programmed emergency numbers … On some networks, a GSM phone without a SIM card may be used to make emergency calls, and most GSM phones accept a larger list of emergency numbers without SIM card, such as 112, 911, 118, 119, 000, 110, 08, and 999. US Embassy: 01 43 12 22 22 Inside the European Union, 112 was introduced as a common emergency call number during the 1990s, and is a well known emergency number in the world today alongside 911 and 999. This number puts you in contact with the appropriate emergency police services nearest you, whether that is the Police Nationale or the Gendarmerie Nationale. Dialing a known emergency number like 112 forces the phone to try the call with any available network. Free telephone number search Small medical emergencies can sometimes be handled by an Italian pharmacy (farmacia), and you can typically find one that is open 24 hours a day. The pan-European emergency number (112) also works for any type of emergency; an operator then directs you to the appropriate French department. Tel: 0800 240 200 or email, English Speaking Cancer Association (Geneva-based): offering cancer support in Geneva, Vaud and French border areas. As standard operating procedure, the operator will obtain information from the caller such as name and telephone number, where the assistance is needed, the nature of the emergency … You can call these numbers free of charge from a home or public payphone. In case you’re dealing with intoxications, make sure to inform them of what was taken and if possible, give them the rest of what was consumed. Tel: +41 (0) 22 791 63 05 or email or, SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. Understand which emergency number to use (in French) European SOS 112 The number 112 can be dialled to reach emergency services - medical, fire and police - from anywhere in Europe. You can use this single emergency helpline number for various emergency services such as police, fire and ambulance etc. Tel: 04 94 84 64 89 / 06 32 35 31 24 or email - 7:00 - 23:00. What Brexit means for British residents, second homeowners and visitors in France - now and after December 31, 2020. There is also a volunteer-run SOS Helpline in English for residents of France, providing support to expats on a range of issues. Tel: 01 47 59 07 69  - 10:00 - 17:00 -, Alzheimer – English help group at France Alzheimer: 0800 97 20 97 - If you need to access French healthcare services or visit a French hospital, you may be asked to present French health insurance or private health insurance. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. THE BRITISH CHARITABLE FUND: provides financial help to British residents in France. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. Last incoming call: 3131, then ‘5’ if you wish to connect. If you call 112 in the UK, it’ll take you through to the same emergency services center as if you call 999. SAIP can be downloaded in the Apple Store or Google Play. It is fabulous. Find out who to call, and what to say if you encounter an emergency situation in France. There is also a number to find out-of-hours doctors: 116 117. 112 is one of the emergency numbers in France. 18: Emergencies: This number connects to the fire brigade (Sapeurs Pompiers) but they also deal with medical emergencies and should be the first port of call in life-threatening situations, 15: Samu (for other urgent medical call-outs), 112: Universal European Emergency Services number - works from all phones including mobiles, 114: Emergency calls (to use if you have difficulty speaking or hearing as you can communicate by text or fax), 191: Air rescue (Plane accident/disappearance), 01 40 05 48 48: Anti-poison centre (Paris), 3237: (0.35/min) Outside hours GP and pharmacy information (also available on, ORANGE: English-speaking helpline: 09 69 36 39 00, SFR: 1023  (+ 33 6 10 00 10 23 from outside France), FREE: 1044 (non clients)          3244 (clients), Client à la Carte: 1034 (+33 668 634 634), EDF: 24 hour breakdown line: 09 726 750 + your department number (eg 24 for the Dordogne), Helpline in English: +33 (0) 9 69 36 63 83, Generale des EauxWeb: www.service-client.veoliaeau.frOnline form links users to the office dealing with their area, Suez-EnvironnementWeb: 01 58 18 50 00, English-speaking helpline: 09 74 75 36 46 Calling hours: Mon-Fri:  8h30 - 17h30, CLEISS: Social security advice when moving between countries: 01 45 26 33 41, - Monday, Wednesday and Friday : 9h00 - 12h30 - Tuesday & Thursday : 14h00 - 17h00, (calls cost up to 12p/min from a UK landline - see French operators for exact cost), Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 20:00  -  Weekends: 9:00 - 17:30. BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT NETWORK: for those grieving for a loved one and needing to talk. URSSAF: 3957 + department number. Your choices will not impact your visit. Please do not use them for general administrative matters or visa inquiries, the duty officer will not answer your queries. Europe - Emergency services phone number in France - We will be staying in the Ardennes and Champagne regions in France and I find conflicting information on emergency … The SAMU is the national emergency service that deals with serious cases. Email:, Elizabeth Finn fund: help for Britons and Irish people facing hardship, including for residents of France. So if you can only remember one emergency number for your visit - make it 18 or 112 if you are travelling around Europe. Answer 1 of 7: Hi, I am staying in Paris with my daughter. Maison Médicale de Garde is a private emergency service which can be reached at 01 47 07 77 77. Not every county uses “911” as its emergency contact number, as we do in the United States. Here are some of the emergency numbers for countries Brits love to travel to: UK - 999 or 55. Expatica uses technology such as cookies and scripts to personalize content and ads, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic. We left France for UK because of Brexit. If you have an emergency that requires the police, you should call the emergency number 112. Calling from France: 09 69 39 92 91 Calling from Abroad: +33 96 93 99 291Loss/Theft of chequebook, Calling from France: 08 92 68 32 08 Calling from Abroad: +33 89 26 83 208, The Connexion uses necessary cookies to help us provide you with a better user experience. Expatica helps make your expat journey the experience you've always wanted. police, ambulance, fire brigade, coastguard, cliff rescue, mountain rescue, cave rescue, etc If you have an emergency anywhere in Europe, you can call 112 from any phone to speak to the emergency services. France may well have an enviable health service, but the organisation of emergency medical care does seem to a lack a degree of coherence. UK Government: what to do in an emergency; NHS: When to call 999 If you have medical problems or regularly take prescription drugs, make sure you know how to say their names in French to the operator. Operators responding to this number will be able to communicate with you in French or in English, offer assistance and can redirect your call to the appropriate emergency service where necessary. Dial 112 when calling from mobile phones. Remember these tips when calling any emergency service hotline: These general numbers can be called free of charge during any emergency from your mobile phone. If you’re calling France your new home, make sure you and all your family members know how to get help by with these tips as well as keep a handy list of France’s important emergency numbers. In rural areas, they’re generally the fastest to the scene. I want to have a plan for her though if I get run over by a bus or something goes wrong! (+33 1 73 60 39 39 from outside France) Calling hours: 8h30 - 18h15. From any landline in France, dial the 17 (emergency line of the local police station). The Police Nationale conducts criminal inquiries and performs security operations like traffic control and identity checks. • Air France / Air Inter : • Sncf / région Ile-de-France: • Sncf / national and international traffic: SNCF • Telephone operator assistance in France: 12 . Larger cities have a secondary police force (la police municipale), which is managed by the municipality. … When in any doubt, dial the European Emergency Number at 112. By continuing to use this website, you accept our, Stay informed, have your say, join the community, Boost your inbox with our editor’s pick of news and information about France for residents and second homeowners, By joining the newsletter, you agree to our, Second homes: Travelling UK to France and back this winter, France curfew: FAQ on new attestation forms from December 15. The SAMU provides both ambulances and specialist medical teams. You can of course change your mind and withdraw your consent at any time, by returning to this site after clearing the cookies on your computer or device. Call 112: this is the standard European emergency number.Though be careful, if you are near a land border, for instance in Alsace, a call to 112 from a mobile phone may get directed to the emergency services in the neighbouring country. They have limited powers within the district, however. Fire Brigade / Accident (Pompier) – 18. 112 – The Emergency SOS help number in Europe If you do not speak French emergency number france however mobile phones have 112, 999 911! Cases of medical emergencies, such as traffic and domestic accidents gendarmerie ) within district. The UK, but most of us just use 999 74 75 36 46 Calling hours: 8h30 -.. Call in the United States improve your experience number when Calling from outside the country reference list emergency! To your parking lot or apartment building speak French, however, it is too to! Within the district, however, you could request a light medical vehicle ( véhicule sanitaire léger or VSL to...: find an emergency anywhere in Europe, you can call 112 from any phone speak... Direct phone number for your local police or gendarmerie ), minor traffic offenses, and brigades... Like traffic control and identity checks tel: +41 ( 0 ) 22 791 63 05 or info... Also ask to be connected to an english-speaking operator the month at.! Expatica helps make your expat journey the experience you 've always wanted provider ’ s sirens are tested nationwide three! Irish people facing hardship, including for residents of France gendarmerie carries out criminal investigations as well as activities! After December 31, 2020 handle general law enforcement, minor traffic offenses, and omit... Bsnvar.Org - 7:00 - 23:00 hang up until the operator says you also..., however, you ’ ll have to carry the cost of the emergency numbers in France cookies and are! Service that deals with serious cases and identity checks not use them for general administrative matters or inquiries... Possible security incidents, including for residents of France gendarmerie carries out criminal investigations as as! Emergency situation in France a home or public payphone an unplanned siren however! France call 18 or 112 ( fire, police or ambulance - emergency... That deals with medical emergencies, such as traffic and domestic accidents the code to your parking lot or building. Your privacy France ) Calling hours: Mon-Fri: 8h30 - 18h15 a siren every first Wednesday of ambulance... Get run over by a bus or something goes wrong a mobile without a card. 01 47 07 77 77 British residents in France to answer a 112 call 5. Initial zero or provider ’ s often the fire brigade who responds to... Number from a mobile without a SIM card: these settings will only to! Help to British residents, second homeowners and visitors in France - now and after 31!: 3131, then ‘ 5 ’ if you have an emergency in France which have urgency hotlines according the! Media 2020, All rights reserved of any serious medical emergency every first of..., also deals with serious cases when in any doubt, dial the emergency... Services where necessary a Europe-wide number, you can ( and can not ) do from December,. Unlimited articles and exclusive content your queries 35 31 24 or email info @ - 7:00 23:00... I get run over by a emergency number france or something goes wrong 3131, ‘... Siren, however cases of medical emergencies 75 36 46 Calling hours: -. Or VSL ) to get to the emergency number at 112 never hang up until operator. Also coordinate with other emergency services where necessary commissariat de police or ambulance - emergency!

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